29.5" x 44.25" 
archival pigment photograph printed and painted on gessoed wood substrate:
$4,000 - $5,000  

- each substrate is gessoed and then printed by Magnolia Editions (Flatbed UV Cured Acrylic Pigmented Inkjet printer).  Oil Paint is then applied selectively.  

30" x 45"    
Dye-Infused Metal Print
available with Floating Frame only:  $2,100



“Nothing’s more powerful than beauty in a wicked world.”   -  Amos Lee

Though I was trained as a photographer, over the years the medium began to leave me cold, as I found it difficult to express a deeper emotionality.. I loved the way one sees from behind a lens, which is ultimately what drew me back to it, but I felt confined by photography's literal realism and technique laden protocols.   Putting the camera down, I began painting with oils, and was able, over time, to reconnect with the deeper emotions my earlier photographic work could only hint at.  The freedom of the brush enabled a more spontaneous, visceral, sensual and abstract approach.

Each image in this body of work is the result of a long, hand held, single exposure, merging what can be seen - to that which exists in an invisible, ethereal world.  With long exposures and intentional movement, the camera transcends the reality of how things are perceived by the eye in real time.  The initial flash captures and freezes the foreground in a hyperreal fashion while the open lens collects swirls of light and color, abstracting space as it lingers.  Beyond the flash’s white reach, the long exposure leaves everything else soft and ghostly.

I chanced upon this new way of taking pictures by accident and it immediately captivated my imagination.  Long ago I might’ve dismissed the potential gift these misfirings afforded, instead I found silver lining there.  By using the camera this way,  I am able to create a synthesis between photography and painting.  The image is captured entirely in camera while the computer serves as a tool for color correction.  It is then projected onto a wood substrate and gessoed for texture before being printed.  Finally, paint is selectively applied to the face as well as the substrate edges.  

I’ve always been infatuated by the fragile, fleeting life force of our botanical and natural world - it is my life's work.  The vital spark that emanates from nature and its seasons is what draws me, in its senescing and regeneration, its utter beauty and imperfections - and how it reflects our own cycles of life and humanness. 

close up of gessoed, printed and painted wood substrate

close up of gessoed, printed and painted wood substrate

Artist Bio

Lisa received a BFA in Photography and Printmaking from CCA, in 1979, studying with Charlie Gill, Patricia Tobacco Forrester, Vilem Kriz, Sue Ciriclio and Chris Johnson.   She became a successful fine art photographer, represented by The Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach, The Photographer's Gallery in Palo Alto, and The Foster Goldstrom Gallery in San Francisco, Suzy Locke and Associates in Oakland and The Andrea Schwartz Gallery in San Francisco. 

Lisa (AKA Lisa Toby Goodman) studied Horticulture at Merritt College and has been designing and building Bay Area landscapes for Goodman Landscape Design, with her husband, Tim Goodman, also a fine art photographer, since 1986. She turned to oil painting soon after their son, Cole, was born, in 1992. In 2012 Lisa returned to the camera and began taking photographs once again.  Her current work is a marriage of photography and painting.  

Recent  Exhibitions

Arc Gallery,  San Francisco, CA   March 2 – April 6, 2019    48 Pillars   invitational show

Gray Loft Gallery,  Oakland CA   February 16 - March 23 2019 Something Blue

Benicia Art Center, Benicia, CA November 10 - December 21, 2018 In The Fields: Botanical Lore

Fusion Art,  Palm Springs, CA  July 15 - October 14, 2018    2nd International Photography Exhibit

East Bay Express - Critic's Pick  June 6-12, 2018  

Freshly Cut Florist, Berkeley, CA  June 10 - 30 2018   hope's bouquet 

Gray Loft Gallery,  Oakland CA   February 9 - March 9, 2018  Seeing Red    

Arc Gallery,  San Francisco, CA  November 11 - December 9, 2017   Luminous (juror's choice award)

Arts Guild of Sonoma,  Sonoma, CA  August 31 – October 2, 2017 Celebrate

Photography Presentation and Talk by Lisa Toby Goodman,  El Cerrito Art Association Community Center,  El Cerrito, CA,  July 10, 2017

Center For Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado  May 19 - July 1, 2017   Landscapes 2017

Gallery Route One, Pt. Reyes, CA  January 27- February 19, 2017  Beginnings

1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  December 2016  Flower Power

Sticks Framing, Berkeley, CA  June 1 - August 15, 2016  Nectar

Nan Phelps Photography Gallery, Kensington, CA  May 2016   Found in Time

Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, CA November 13 - December 11, 2015  Nature (re) Defined

Photo – Fine Art Gallery, Oakland, CA   May 14 - June 27, 2015  Flora    

Sticks Framing, Berkeley, CA  February 2015 - to present

Photo – Fine Art Gallery, Oakland, CA   July – August 2014   Summer Breeze

Photo – Fine Art Gallery, Oakland, CA   Best of Botanicals National Juried Exhibition  May – July 2014

Nan Phelps Photography Gallery, Kensington, CA May 2014

Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, CAApril – May 2014  Flora and Form

Sticks Framing, Berkeley, CA  January – May 2014